Dear Families,

Thank you for helping us to ensure a smooth week 1 and a successful re-opening. We are very excited to see our students again and remain positive for the future. As you can appreciate given the size of our school the kindergarten pick-up/drop off area and the pick-up/drop off area near the fire hydrant becomes quite congested. There is a beautiful community trail behind the school. Parents grades 1-8 are encouraged to use the trail where possible to establish a pick-up and drop off location with your son/daughter. Using these access points around the school will help to reduce congestion in both people and vehicular traffic at the front and side of the school. If you change the pick-up/drop-off location for your child in the primary grades we ask you to let the classroom teacher know the change of plan. Staff will be on supervision at the end of the day near the trail area.  Adults should not go beyond the community trail when picking up or dropping off students as per safe arrival policy.

Parents and visitors are reminded when dropping off and picking up students near the fire hydrant is located to stay off the asphalt in this area. There are cars moving in this area and we request that adults and students to be on the sidewalk to ensure everyone’s safety. Please follow the signage in place for this drop-off/pick-up area. Students should not be crossing Activa on their own. Encourage your son/daughter to use the crossing guard on Activa to secure everyone’s safety and develop good habits.

Thank you for your continued support in keeping our students safe!