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Parking Lot Safety

At John Sweeney School the safety of students is our number one priority. We have almost 800 students and the mornings and after school can be quite busy in the school parking lot. Please review the following safety reminders and strategies to reduce vehicular traffic on school property.

  • When using the Kiss and Drop please make sure students exit from the passenger side of the vehicle.
  • Do not park in the Kiss and Drop. This area is for drop off only.
  • Please do not enter the parking lot during school hours. There is barely enough parking spaces for school staff. If you are visiting the school for an extended period during the school day please use the side streets to park.
  • Do not leave vehicles unattended while idling. This can result in an accident or a more serious tragedy. A student was critically injured at a Toronto school recently, due to a vehicle being left unattended and not properly in gear.
  • Do not park in spaces assigned to OWL Child Care.
  • Respect the staff supervising in the parking lot and follow their directions.
  • Please encourage your child to walk to school with a buddy if age appropriate.
  • Consider car pooling with others if you are far enough from school where it is necessary to drive.

The vast majority of our families follow the safety rules at John Sweeney. We appreciate all that you can do to encourage others through example to keep our parking lot a safe place for all.

Mr. Smith            Mrs. Dafoe

Principal              Vice Principal

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