The Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Societies has begun their awareness campaign for Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention month in October 2018 with a strong effort to engage local school boards.

The focus of this campaign is to raise awareness about the role that adults in the community play in preventing child abuse and neglect. Ensuring that children are aware of helping adults in their support network is an important prevention tool for children and youth. On Dress Purple Day students learn about their right to safety and well-being, the importance of getting help from adults in the community, and the importance of continuing to ask for help until they get it.

Each member of the village plays a role in ensuring children’s safety and well-being. A teacher may be the only “helping” adult that a child encounters on a daily basis. Teachers, parents and other trusted adults can be the vital link for a child who may be abused or neglected. Please see the link below for Ontario Dress Purple Day on October 24th in support of Child Abuse Prevention and Awareness. Some great resources and strategies to address this critical topic. John Sweeney will be dressing in purple on October 24th to support this important cause.