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During the fall, winter and spring of the school year, unusual or severe weather conditions can lead to a number of different situations requiring cancellation of some or all student transportation. It is important that School Boards, the schools, the public, the media, vehicle operators and STSWR all initiate or receive the same message. This procedure attempts to simplify this process as it applies to both Boards.

For decisions made prior to the start of the school day, every effort will be made to ensure that a media announcement and fan out activation commences prior to 6AM.

One of the notifications listed above will be communicated in the following way:


  1. Cancellations are posted on STSWR’s home page
  2. STSWR’s “Delays and Cancellations” link (
  3. Families have the option of receiving automatic notifications via email through our subscription service
  4. Follow STSWR on twitter (@STSWR)
  5. Subscribe to the WCDSB’s Newswire and receive emails if the school is closed
  6. Subscribe to the John Sweeney Newsire and receive emails if the school is closed

School Boards

  1. WCDSB and WRDSB websites
  2. WCDSB and WRDSB twitter feeds

Local Media Outlets

  1. All media outlets listed below:

Virgin Radio      FM 105.3        CKWR Kitchener  FM 98.5

MAGIC FM        FM 106.1        CHYM Kitchener   FM 96.7

570 News          AM 570            Dave Rocks             FM 107.5

Country 106.7        FM 106.7   CHUM FM              FM 104.5

Faith FM           FM 94.3           The Beat                  FM 91.5

CBC Radio        FM 89.1

CTV Kitchener                           The Record

City News Channel