Good Morning Cardinals!

The school kindly requests that if your child is not feeling well in the morning for school, that you keep your child comfortable at home recovering, so as not to spread the illness among students and staff.  We do not have a school nurse at any of our schools, nor staff to supervise students who come to school ill.  Unfortunately, we do need to disturb you at home or at work for a pick up if your child shares with us that he/she feels unwell.

If you have made the decision to keep your child at home, it is very important to notify the office by 9:00 am.

We offer 24 hour reporting via telephone 519-579-5212 x1 or email

In keeping with Safe Schools, if we do not hear from you, and cannot get a hold of you by approximately 9:30 am, we will proceed with calling all of your listed contacts before letting the board office/attendance counselor know that we are unable to verify your child’s absence.  Please be diligent with calling in.  We apologize if this causes an inconvenience, however we need to account for all our students.

Please take a look at the following document that is posted throughout the school to help remind your children how to prevent the spread of germs.

Preventing the spread of germs

Thank you for your co-operation with keeping our school healthy!