Dear Families,

This email contains an update regarding the coronavirus (2019-nCoV).  The over-arching key message is the fact that Ontario is very prepared and has effective protocols, which are currently operating very well, and the guiding principles that we do well to ground our response in the facts and what we know to be good practice.

To that end – we are encouraged to redouble our efforts in our schools to ensure:

  • good hygiene – washing hands thoroughly and with soap or sanitizer;
  • covering one’s mouth and nose when one sneezes or coughs;
  • staff and students stay home when ill.
  • It is also wise to get a yearly flu vaccine, available from clinics or pharmacies.

Attached is a letter which has been provided jointly by Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health.

Also for your reference, we attach a link to the Ministry of Health’s dedicated website where up-to-date information will be shared about the virus and its spread.  It is anticipated that there will be more cases and more spread before the outbreak is fully contained.  That said – whatever we can do to foster calm, tolerant and informed responses to the crisis, will be in everyone’s best interest.

CMoH Jan 27EN