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2019-20 Important Welcome back to School Reminders

Hello Families,

As we prepare for the start of the new school year, Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019, here are a few reminders.

Lunch Time/Snacks

Morning and afternoon snacks, as well as lunch and beverages, are to be packed separately in reusable containers (labeled). Please note, WCDSB Schools are Peanut Free ZonesFood products containing or may contain peanuts and tree nuts NOT to be brought into the school.

IMPORTANT** Look-A-Like Products to Peanut Butter

It is impossible to differentiate between these products and peanut butter; in fact these products are almost identical in colour, consistency smell and taste to peanut butter. Therefore, the Board is requesting that parents do not send their children to school with a look-a-like products to peanut butter such as “WOWBUTTER”, “PEABUTTER” and “SUNBUTTER” in sandwiches until the products are available in a colour other than tan, the colour of peanut butter.

School Supplies

Indoor & outdoor shoes are required packed in a big school bag/backpack. Grades JK-3 should have a change of complete change of clothes in case of accidents or falls. Have students dress for the weather so that students are able to enjoy their recess’. (example: hats, sunscreen, winter clothing, rain gear, etc.) Please remember to label all belongings.

Fragrance Free Policy

Please remember that we share the air. The chemicals used in scented products can make some people ill, especially those with fragrance sensitivities, asthma, allergies and other respiratory ailments. Please do not wear perfume, cologne, lotion, aftershave and other fragrances. Use unscented personal care products. Be Sensitive to Others.


If your child requires medication to be taken at school, please contact the office so that appropriate forms can be sent home.

If your child has an Epi-Pen, we ask that they supply the school with two. One to be kept in the office and the other with the child.

If your child has an inhaler/puffer please have them keep it in their backpack so it can be brought to school everyday.

Thank you for your cooperation with our policies, we are looking forward to another great year as John Sweeney Cardinals.

Classroom placements will be available on school cash online tomorrow, Saturday, August 31st. Mandatory forms are to be completed by Friday, September 6, 2019.

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Sneak Peek On Line

John Sweeney Catholic School


The first day of school falls on Tuesday, September 3rd. This year we are excited to change our Sneak Peek Event for our families coming to John Sweeney. We will be sending your teacher placement and forms on our cash online system. These important mandatory forms will be available starting in Summer 2019. By providing them in the summer, it will give you extra time to read over and fill out all documents and have them ready to go!  On the first day of school your child will bring home the student verification document that needs to be completed in hard copy. Please return this in the envelope provided to you.

The most exciting part of having the Sneak Peek online will be knowing who your child’s teacher for the new school year on Saturday, August 31,2019! Many schools in WCDSB are moving to such organization for the first day of school. This will alleviate gathering together as a very large school community in the gymnasium on the first day; and also works to support many students and families who experience worry about transitions and new beginnings.

On September 3rd, all teachers will meet outside on the back playground and will be carrying a sign with their name. We will also have our Kindergarten team ready to help transition our little ones to Grade 1.

Check cash online this summer to complete your mandatory forms and find out your child(rens) teacher. We look forward to meeting you all.

Find out your child’s teacher BEFORE the first day of school!!

John Sweeney Catholic School

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